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Does your organisation care about health and safety? Of course it does, but does it have a defined prevention culture that reflects how strongly and naturally these aspects are integrated into everyday work processes? A prevention culture should be an integral part of your corporate culture to ensure sustainable business success. Book our annular “Corporate Culture Package” today! What you get? 


Corporate Culture Check

The culture of prevention represents a comprehensive approach to the safety and health of employees in companies and institutions. The KulturCheck, developed by the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Statutory Accident Insurance (DGUV), is a tool that enables companies to reflect on and analyse their own prevention culture. It takes a comprehensive view of the situation: the leadership and management style, internal communication, the handling of errors, the level of employee involvement and, last but not least, the working atmosphere. All these areas define the corporate culture and have an impact on safety and health and are covered by the CultureCheck. In addition, the tool looks at various aspects within the company: for example, the first part of the analysis, the StrukturCheck (corporate structure check), first identifies the structural conditions for each area of activity. Part 2, a standardised employee survey, records employees’ opinions on the various topics. From this data, a well-founded and comprehensive picture of the six areas of activity can be drawn.

The Corporate Culture Check is part of the annual package and is carried out by our experts. It is the basis for selecting the right topics for the 2 days of consulting and training.

2 days of consulting

Following the Corporate Culture Check, you will receive 2 full days (8 hours) of consultancy. Choose from the following topics or create your own, tailored to your company’s needs.




        Work climate

        Error culture

        Health & safety

2 days Training Services

Employees are looking for companies that support a lifelong learning cycle. Building a corporate culture involves creating an atmosphere of trust and participation. Choose 2 full days (8 hours) of educational services or choose your own topic, tailored to your company’s needs.

        Employee Loyalty – How to create value through appreciation?

        Corporate Social Responsibility

        Managing the Generations – the needs of Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z

        New to leadership? Shaping your first 100 days as a leader.

        How we communicate – the basics of communication

        Non-violent communication by Marshall Rosenberg

        The basics of mediation – dealing with conflict

Knowledge database

Use our exclusive members-only knowledge database to get more information on health, safety and prevention, as well as templates, worksheets and guidelines.

        Method of the week – learn a new communication or leadership method once a week

        Studies and research from the German Statutory Accident Insurance (DGUV) and the Institute for Work and Health (IAG) – New forms of work, Vision Zero, Office businesses sector health & safety rules, principles of prevention…

        Templates for communication rules, feedback culture

        Notices on occupational health and safety – sick children, washing hands, office ergonomics.

        Corporate social responsibility – do’s and don’t’s in implementation

        Checklists (home office safety, organising online meetings, managing availability, mental stress, office ergonomics)


and many more. Our knowledge database is constantly growing and will be adapted to the needs of our customers.

Newsletter subscription

Receive our monthly newsletter with information on health, prevention and corporate culture, with a special theme each month. Over the next 12 months you can expect the following topics:


        Water – Your Source of Life

        Remember me – your back!

        Keeping fit in the office

        Sun protection  

        Your skin, the most important 2 square metres of your life

        The danger of mental stress at work

        The corporate culture check – the 5-step model

        Office ergonomics – sitting, standing, moving?

        Non-violent communication (M. Rosenberg)

        Healthy through the winter months

        The basics of mediation

        Take a break – healthy office work