You cannot not communicate. Every behaviour is a form of communication. Since behaviour has no counterpart, it is not possible not to communicate.
Paul Watzlawick

The success of a company is not only based on facts and figures, the greatest value of a company is its people. The world of work has changed in recent years and will change even more in the future. Leadership, communication, participation, working atmosphere, error culture and health and safety are important values for a great workplace. Your people are your future. Professionals are not only looking for a fair salary – appreciation, recognition and participation are the most important factors for employee retention. To achieve this, an occasional home office day or a fruit basket in the kitchen is no longer enough.   

At merker solutions we offer HR consultancy in the following business areas:

Human Resources
  • Prevention for Companies
    • Corporate health management
    • Occupational Health
    • Mental health risk assessment for business
  • Prevention for schools
  • Business mediation
  • Employee Development
  • Leadership Development