An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Benjamin Franklin

An organization’s prevention culture reflects how strongly and naturally the topics of safety and health are considered in everyday work. If the importance is high, everyone is attentive to discovering risks to safety and health and finding approaches to improvement. If safety and health become central issues in the company, then they are not seen as a cost factor, but as an investment in a successful future. Leadership, communication and participation are particularly important fields of action for establishing a culture of prevention. They are complemented by a functioning error culture and a good working atmosphere. Safe and healthy processes emphasize integration into everyday working life as the final field of action.

Prevention for Companies

  • The Culture of Prevention – corporate culture check
  • The basics of prevention
  • The future of work
  • Health management vs. corporate health promotion
  • Health management – nice to have or a must?
  • The “Commitment” culture dialogue – leadership, communication, participation, working atmosphere, error culture, safety and health
  • Office sports and eye breaks – staying healthy at work

Prevention for schools

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  • The basics of mediation – working with emotions
  • The safe and healthy school
  • The cultural dialogues for schools